Work in Progress / Planned
[TM Planner] Upgrade Team Status to include check for Captain Ability, Sailor, Supports, Swap Effects, and Super Special
TM Planner Update Notes
Usually updates within 24 hours after the full booster list is released
[TM Planner] Show Supports with conflicted status whose same family is currently in team, instead of hiding them (by u/CodeYan01)
[TM Planner] Added Unit Classes and Point Boost in Unit tooltip
[TM Planner] Added display for Unit Cost
[TM Planner] Automatically re-calculate Target Pts and Nav Lv after changing Teams
[TM Planner] Added button to directly filter Units that get CD reduction for the stage
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Ambush Team Unit incorrectly removed by Regular Team Unit upon loading or transferring
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Ambush Team Units is allowed to be dragged to Regular Teams
[TM Planner] Support feature enhancements
- Re-write algorithm to improve Support unit look-up accuracy
- Added support for more restirctive supports such as INT Moria (INT & Driven)
- Added support for cost-restricted Supports
[TM Planner] Load Teams automatically
[TM Planner] Added TM Point calculator
- Results are estimated due to rounding
- Calculate the total point based on the Nav Lv entered
- Calculate how many Nav Lv it takes to reach 10m (or 1m)
[TM Planner] Bug fix: non-booster does not save
[TM Planner] Added Action Counter check to Team Status
- Detects whether Team has the specials to counter all boss preemptive actions
- Currently supports only Specials, others will be coming soon
[TM Planner] Added Team Status section to display potential team building errors
- Detects duplicate characters and displays red "x"
- Duplicated units are highlighted in Teams
- Detects whether Super Special criteria is met and displays yellow warning sign
- (Currently supports detecting missing units and whether team has 6 such classes, others coming soon)
- Team title will also have the corresponding colors above
[TM Planner] Added Support feature
- Supports can be added to the unit by clicking on the smaller box next to it
- Units already in the team would be hidden from the selection
- Swapping the unit to other teams, to the Friend Captain slot, or removing the unit will also remove its Support
- Non-assigned Supports will be hidden from Export Image
[TM Planner] Added feature to add non-boosters
- Click the "+" button and enter the ID of the unit you would like to add
- The unit will have a teal border to indicate that it is a non-booster
[TM Planner] Added Captain Ability Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their captain ability
- Corresponding action counter Captain Filter added to Mini Guide
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Added Name Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their family name
[TM Planner] Automatically update points for teams
[TM Planner] Added Export as Image
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Keep unit in original team after moving to Ambush team
[TM Planner] Added support for VS Ability
[TM Planner] Misc
- Changed checking of Dual and VS Units to eliminate false positives
- Include Slot Randomizers in Slot Change filter
- Display Notes for Specials that have different conditions
- Changed style of Units that can be used more than once (Ambush team and Friend Captain)
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Cloned Friend Captain not removed after swapped
[TM Planner] Added support for Super Type
[TM Planner] Added support for Super Swap
[TM Planner] Added Clear All Button for Filters
- Click the button next to the Filter toggle button to clear all active Filters
[TM Planner] Guide Filter adjustment
- Keeps Guide open after selecting Filter to allow selecting multiple Filters
- Automatically clears all Special and Sailor Filters after re-opening Guide
[TM Planner] Added Sailor Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their sailor
- Corresponding action counter Sailor Filter added to Mini Guide
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Added Tooltips for Icons
- Hover over icons of Special Filter, Sailor Filter, or Boss Actions to see complete description
[TM Planner] Added Special Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their special (for 45 types for now)
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Added Mini Guide
- A mini guide of the boss fight can now be viewed by clicking on the boss name
- Adjusting the Nav Lv will update the HP and ATK of the boss at that level
- Clicking the button on the right of the guide will automatically activate the respecitve Special Filter
[TM Planner] Filter system rework
- Changed UI of the Filter system and improved Filter accesibility for mobile users
- Filters are now accessble at any part of the page by clicking the Filter button
- Allow selecting multiple Type Filters
- Changed Class Filter logic to make it the same as in-game Class Filter
- Added preset filters for Captains such as Katakuri and Carrot
[TM Planner] Don't Have section rework
- In addition to Drag & Drop, Don't Have units can now be added through mouse right click or long press on touch devices
- Can choose to place Don't Have units in a separate section (same as before) or keep them in place
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Tooltip blocks swapping causing units to reset
- Hide tooltip when dragging assigned units
[TM Planner] Allow swapping units within or between teams
- Units can be swapped within the same team (except Friend Captain)
- Units can be swapped between teams 1 to 5 (except Ambush team)
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Unit detail fails to open on touch devices
- Added a small delay to activate drag to successfully trigger click event
[TM Planner] Allow dragging on mobile / touch screen devices
- Changed to Sortable.js for Drag and Drop library
- Ambush team now allows Drag and Drop
[TM Planner] Display teams at all times to allow easier unit assignment
- Can be hidden by clicking the arrows
- On smaller screens, scroll right for the other teams
[News] Added News page to announce key functional updates and display future planned updates