Work in Progress / Planned
[TM Planner] Upgrade Team Status to include check for Sailor, Supports, Swap Effects, and Super Special
[TM Planner] Name filter for Support selector
[TM Planner] Enhance Team Status display
Known Issues
[TM Planner] Support for unit not removed when dragged back to pool
TM Planner Update Notes
Usually updates within 24 hours after the full booster list is released
[TM Planner] Added Captain Ability check to Team Status
[TM Planner] Added Team Status Debugging
- Team Status now displays which Unit is used for the counter
- Units that used the special in the previous stages is grayed out in later stages
- May add Special order selection later to prevent wrong Units used in previous stages
[TM Planner] Bug fix: EX Super condition not met warning satisfies with only 1 of the many required
[TM Planner] Added Super/VS Special Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their Super/VS Special
- Corresponding action counter Super/VS Filter added to Mini Guide
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Team Status does not work for Units with LLB Specials
[TM Planner] Show Supports with conflicted status whose same family is currently in team, instead of hiding them (by u/CodeYan01)
[TM Planner] Added Unit Classes and Point Boost in Unit tooltip
[TM Planner] Added display for Unit Cost
[TM Planner] Automatically re-calculate Target Pts and Nav Lv after changing Teams
[TM Planner] Added button to directly filter Units that get CD reduction for the stage
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Ambush Team Unit incorrectly removed by Regular Team Unit upon loading or transferring
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Ambush Team Units is allowed to be dragged to Regular Teams
[TM Planner] Support feature enhancements
- Re-write algorithm to improve Support unit look-up accuracy
- Added support for more restirctive supports such as INT Moria (INT & Driven)
- Added support for cost-restricted Supports
[TM Planner] Load Teams automatically
[TM Planner] Added TM Point calculator
- Results are estimated due to rounding
- Calculate the total point based on the Nav Lv entered
- Calculate how many Nav Lv it takes to reach 10m (or 1m)
[TM Planner] Bug fix: non-booster does not save
[TM Planner] Added Action Counter check to Team Status
- Detects whether Team has the specials to counter all boss preemptive actions
- Currently supports only Specials, others will be coming soon
[TM Planner] Added Team Status section to display potential team building errors
- Detects duplicate characters and displays red "x"
- Duplicated units are highlighted in Teams
- Detects whether Super Special criteria is met and displays yellow warning sign
- (Currently supports detecting missing units and whether team has 6 such classes, others coming soon)
- Team title will also have the corresponding colors above
[TM Planner] Added Support feature
- Supports can be added to the unit by clicking on the smaller box next to it
- Units already in the team would be hidden from the selection
- Swapping the unit to other teams, to the Friend Captain slot, or removing the unit will also remove its Support
- Non-assigned Supports will be hidden from Export Image
[TM Planner] Added feature to add non-boosters
- Click the "+" button and enter the ID of the unit you would like to add
- The unit will have a teal border to indicate that it is a non-booster
[TM Planner] Added Captain Ability Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their captain ability
- Corresponding action counter Captain Filter added to Mini Guide
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Added Name Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their family name
[TM Planner] Automatically update points for teams
[TM Planner] Added Export as Image
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Keep unit in original team after moving to Ambush team
[TM Planner] Added support for VS Ability
[TM Planner] Misc
- Changed checking of Dual and VS Units to eliminate false positives
- Include Slot Randomizers in Slot Change filter
- Display Notes for Specials that have different conditions
- Changed style of Units that can be used more than once (Ambush team and Friend Captain)
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Cloned Friend Captain not removed after swapped
[TM Planner] Added support for Super Type
[TM Planner] Added support for Super Swap
[TM Planner] Added Clear All Button for Filters
- Click the button next to the Filter toggle button to clear all active Filters
[TM Planner] Guide Filter adjustment
- Keeps Guide open after selecting Filter to allow selecting multiple Filters
- Automatically clears all Special and Sailor Filters after re-opening Guide
[TM Planner] Added Sailor Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their sailor
- Corresponding action counter Sailor Filter added to Mini Guide
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Added Tooltips for Icons
- Hover over icons of Special Filter, Sailor Filter, or Boss Actions to see complete description
[TM Planner] Added Special Filter
- Units can now be filtered by their special (for 45 types for now)
- Filter algorithm is provided by OPTC-DB. More specific filters are avaialable there
[TM Planner] Added Mini Guide
- A mini guide of the boss fight can now be viewed by clicking on the boss name
- Adjusting the Nav Lv will update the HP and ATK of the boss at that level
- Clicking the button on the right of the guide will automatically activate the respecitve Special Filter
[TM Planner] Filter system rework
- Changed UI of the Filter system and improved Filter accesibility for mobile users
- Filters are now accessble at any part of the page by clicking the Filter button
- Allow selecting multiple Type Filters
- Changed Class Filter logic to make it the same as in-game Class Filter
- Added preset filters for Captains such as Katakuri and Carrot
[TM Planner] Don't Have section rework
- In addition to Drag & Drop, Don't Have units can now be added through mouse right click or long press on touch devices
- Can choose to place Don't Have units in a separate section (same as before) or keep them in place
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Tooltip blocks swapping causing units to reset
- Hide tooltip when dragging assigned units
[TM Planner] Allow swapping units within or between teams
- Units can be swapped within the same team (except Friend Captain)
- Units can be swapped between teams 1 to 5 (except Ambush team)
[TM Planner] Bug fix: Unit detail fails to open on touch devices
- Added a small delay to activate drag to successfully trigger click event
[TM Planner] Allow dragging on mobile / touch screen devices
- Changed to Sortable.js for Drag and Drop library
- Ambush team now allows Drag and Drop
[TM Planner] Display teams at all times to allow easier unit assignment
- Can be hidden by clicking the arrows
- On smaller screens, scroll right for the other teams
[News] Added News page to announce key functional updates and display future planned updates